Friday, March 28, 2008

Show Time

There are a couple new photos of mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears finally starting to show a baby bump worth talking about ... for the first time, we can actually see that her stomach is actually protruding enough to formally be classified as a bona fide baby bump. AND she's wearing the much talked-about engagement ring that babydaddy Casey Aldridge gave her recently. Her mother must be so proud. Things are coming along nicely for little JL and Casey Beau ... plans for their baby shower are also coming together nicely:

Photo credit: X17

Jamie Lynn Spears took another step toward marriage and motherhood Thursday – registering for gifts at Babies R Us. Spears, who turns 17 on April 4, drove 80 miles to Baton Rouge from her home at the Serenity mansion in Kentwood, La., was reportedly accompanied by her cousin, and, "somebody called ahead to say they were coming in," a source told PEOPLE. Reportedly flashing an engagement ring on her left hand, Spears also was sporting a shirt that read "The Rumors Are True" as she and her cousin both registered for gifts at the store, according to sources. Casey Aldridge, 18, the baby's father, is listed as her "co-registrant" and the "event date" listed is July 10. Spears added the message: "Thank you for supporting us during this special time." The Zoey 101 star's choices ranged from a $1.49 teething ring to a $300 car seat. Other requests include an ultrasound frame, a Cookie Monster bath towel and a Baby Neptune Ocean Gym. Spears was careful not to select any pink or blue items, instead opting for sage-green terry cloth changing-pad covers and receiving blankets decorated with Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.

Why, this lil' young'n is gonna be along in no time ... pour the moonshine, it's celebratin' time! Woot! Woot!! Woot!!! [Source]