Thursday, March 27, 2008

Summer Land

Summer arrives early as Abercrombie & Fitch unveils new photos from their new summer collection of clothing ... but who really needs to bother with clothes with half-nekkid models like this:

Even tho it's barely Spring here in the real world, it is already Summer in A&F Land where buff men frolic semi-to-mostly nekkid with one another (sometimes with bare breasted girls, often times not) on beaches, in verdant meadows and/or in ivy league boarding school settings all year round. A&F Land sounds like a pretty spectacular place ... even tho many of us will never really get to live in such a wonderful place, it's nice to pretend ... which is where these A&F photos come in handy. As always, the folks at Abercrombie give us something to look forward to ... Summer can't get here fast enough for me :) [Source]