Sunday, March 30, 2008

The TV Guide: Hangin' With Reichen, Partying With Mike G.

Yesterday was a pretty fun and bizzy day. David and I were invited by Steph and Alek to their private photo shoot with Reichen Lehmkuhl yesterday afternoon and we happily accepted. As y'all know, I'm a big fan of Reichen so I was happy to tag along and offer any sort of help that might've been required of me (be it helping with dressing AND/OR undressing, oiling down muscles, etc.) but Steph and Alek had everything all covered (and shockingly, Reichen didn't need help getting dressed and undressed) ... but I was able to snap some behind the scenes pics of yesterday's photoshoot and still have a good time:

We had such a great afternoon and Reichen was so cool to let David me and hang out for his photoshoot. It was really a fun experience:

After the shoot was finished, we hightailed it to Pink Taco to meet up with Mike G. and his friends Amy and Matt, and my peeps Darion, Mike, Michael, Jordan and his little nephew for a dinner party celebration for Mike G.'s birthday ... here are a few pics from our dinner at Pink Taco and then from our afterparty at Akbar:

I got to meet Pink readers Nicole (at Pink Taco) and Gillian (at Akbar who is in town from San Francisco, CA) last night ... which was such a pleasure. At Akbar we ran into Jim and Derek who were partying with Jim's friends from Philly (friends from high school, I might add) who are in town for the weekend. Cyndy and I felt it necessary to take a cute pic together which I think turned out totally faboo. David and I were sure that we weren't going to stay out too late ... next thing we knew the lights came on and they were throwing us out onto the streets cuz the place was closing. It was crazy fun, tho :)

This afternoon we're gonna try and grab one last moment with Steph and Alek before they fly off to Paris, France for a month ... and then David flies back to NYC later on tonight. No worries tho, David will be back next weekend :)

I hope all y'all are having an amazing weekend ... thus far, it's been a pretty good one here in SoCal :)