Monday, April 07, 2008

Baby Spice

A new Marc Jacobs ad featuring the fashionable yet cybertronic Victoria Beckham has surfaced and it seems like she is trying to outdo her previous attempts at looking weird for fashion's sake ... check it out:

Victoria Beckham may look younger than her years but the jury is still out on whether she can carry off sucking her thumb in the latest Marc Jacobs campaign. In shots advertising the New York designer's latest creations, the former Spice Girl, designer and mum-of-three lies in a multi-coloured maxi-dress in the fetal position. Sucking her thumb, wearing her trademark oversized sunglasses and gloves that bare an uncanny resemblance to Marigolds, Posh evades the fashion icon status she has been chasing since leaving the girl group.

Um, what? The woman has been shoved in a bag, worn a pinwheel on her head and has kissed a fake frog all to try and help Marc Jacobs sell some clothes. I'm not sure how sucking on her thumb like a baby is meant to help that endeavor but ... here you have it. Maybe hubby David Beckham should get in on the sucking ... I might be willing to shell out some bucks for an article of clothing that has been sucked on by Becks. Um, is that weird? [Source]