Monday, April 07, 2008

Who's That Guy, Alanis?

Well now, what have we here ... new photos of Alanis Morissette have surfaced of the Jagged Little songstress holding hands with a mystery fellow as they made their way thru LAX Airport here in SoCal bound for a plane headed for Germany ... take a look:

Photo credit: Splash News

Could this mystery man just be a good friend ... or is this our first look at the new man in Alanis's life? I suspect that this dude is just a friend cuz, judging by her last long-term boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds, this man doesn't look like her type. Altho, we can't forget that she once dated (and wrote the song You Outta Know about) comedian Dave Coulier ... so .... I guess we'll have to reserve judgment on this new dude until we get more facts. To be honest, Alanis is going to have a hard time finding an adequate replacement for Ryan Reynolds ... he is a tough act to follow. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink readers Eduardo and Brian inform me that this guy is her longtime friend and bandmate Jason Orme ... tho, it's not clear whether or not the couple have moved their relationship into the romantic sphere or if they're just besties.