Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Common Ground

Surely the end of the world is upon us ... could it POSSIBLY be that sworn and bitter enemies Lauren LC Conrad and Heidi Montag actually agree on something??? Well, it's not that they would actually admit their commonality (certainly, LC would never do such a thing) but this weekend at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington DC, LC kinda accidentally confirmed that she and Heidi are on the same side ... politically, at least. Earlier this month, Heidi very vocally and happily endorsed Republican John McCain as her presidential choice, revealing to the world that she is a Republican (McCain, in his sad out of touch manner, happily accepted her endorsement because, really, he has been having a hard time counting celebs among his cache of supporters and an MTV reality star prolly sounds better than nothing). When LC was asked the same question, she refused to answer saying that her choice is a private one that isn't meant to be shared. BUT, the wily folks at New York magazine caught LC in the act of inadvertently publicly endorsing the Republican party when she thought no one was looking:

We'll admit, it never would have even occurred to us to ask Hills star Lauren Conrad about her personal politics if her arch-nemesis, Heidi Montag, hadn't come out earlier this month as a McCain supporter. After that, we didn't really have a choice. When we saw Conrad at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner on Saturday, we asked her who would have her vote. "You know what? I believe in a private ballot," she said. "I've done several things to, like, encourage people to vote. But I think when you go in and endorse somebody it kind of affects how people look at you or look at candidates." That's disappointing. But luckily, asking questions is not the only trick up our reporting sleeve. During emcee Craig Ferguson's speech, he said: "I'm a new American so I'm trying to decide which party to vote for." We sensed an opportunity coming. "Should I vote for the Republicans?" he asked. We seized the moment and craned our necks in Conrad's direction. She clapped wildly. "Or the Democrats?" Ferguson asked. Conrad immediately placed her hands on the table and wrinkled her nose to her friend. Aha! What clinched the issue was when, moments later, she totally did not laugh at one of Ferguson's best lines: "What should President Bush do after this? I don't know, maybe get a job with more vacation." OMG, Heidi and Lauren are both Republicans and are rooting for John McCain. They agree on something!

HMMMMMMM ... I smell a rat. If LC and Heidi agree on political parties, what else do you think they agree on? Could it be that the bitter enemies are really very close friends who are playing us all for fools by making us believe that they hate one another so that we stay interested in their every move in the hopes that some dramatic and bitchy fight might one day ensue? Nah. They can't be that clever ... or can they? Is my world crashing in around me? Is everything that I hold dear and true falling to pieces right before my eyes? Man ... the next thing you're gonna tell me is that both of their fashion lines are made in the same Indonesian sweat shop overseas ... by the same tiny fingers of the same children who are forced to work themselves to death for pennies a day :( [Source]