Monday, April 28, 2008

The Circle Of Life

Former teen heartthrob Jason Priestly teamed up with current teen hearttrob Chace Crawford for a little video game action at Nintendo's block party this past Friday in NYC's Rockefeller Center ... by the looks of the photo, Jason emerged victorious over Chace in their friendly game of Mario Kart Wii but in a side-by-side comparison, it's clear who the real winner is:

Ah yes ... the sands of time can be so cruel ... once-upon-a-time Jason Priestly was the one that all the girls screamed for and now, well, that simply isn't the case. Now it's Chace's time in the limelight so it was nice of him to let Jason win a video game or two. I hope Chace enjoys his time in the sun ... it won't be long until he's in the other seat, playing against younger heartthrobs celebrating his video game wins with jubliant glee. Hopefully he'll get to keep his hair longer than Jason has, tho ... that's at least one thing he can work to aspire to. [Source]