Saturday, April 05, 2008

Devastating Transformers 2 Rumors

Last week we saw the first hints that work has already begun on the sequel to the hit Transformers movie from last summer ... and this week there is even more news coming out about Transformers 2. First off, new photos of Optimus Prime (in truck mode) were snapped as he was being transported on the 405 Highway here in SoCal (I suspect he was making his way to Culver City since that is where the Decepticon police car Barricade was spotted last week) and is reporting that Devastator (the omnibot that is composed by the merging of the 5 Constructicons) will be featured in the new sequel (slated for a 2009 release). I understand that Michael Bay was working on the movie while the Writer's Strike was going on (not sure if he was in violation of any union rules by doing so) and started the production work for the film as soon as the strike was over. Here are the pics of Optimus and the report from IESB -- which contains HUGE spoilers so beware of that before reading:

The big questions are who will be back and what new characters will we see? Which new heroes and baddies will we get to see on the big screen this time around? There has been some web speculation that Transformers 2 is already in production, that is not accurate, it's public knowledge that Michael Bay worked on the script during the WGA strike and once it was over it was handed over to the writing trio of Kurtzman/Orci/Kruger. So a lot of prep work has already been done on the film getting ready for the upcoming July start date, the film is definitely gearing up for the intended mid-summer start date. Now, on with the ROBOT ROLL CALL! First, the Decepticons will be getting some new help in the form of Constructicons. In the cartoons, their names were Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Hook and Long Haul. And what do we get when they all combine and form one huge ass robot? That’s right boys and girls, we are going to see DEVASTATOR on the big screen! A REALLY BIG FUCKING ROBOT IS COMING! It's hard to tell what Michael Bay and his merry band of filmmaker friends will be calling the Constructicons in Transformers 2, but the above names will most likely change, especially considering that they used the name "Bonecrusher" in the first film.

The IESB report goes on to discuss casting news of the human characters ... but OMG on the Devastator news! The giant omnibots who are created by the merging of multiple Transformers have always been my fave characters (I'm also a big fan of the Dinobots but they might not come until Transformers 3). This is all very exciting news ... I'm very happy with the way Transformers turned out ... I expect the sequel will rock balls as well. [Source, Source]