Friday, April 04, 2008

Dining With Dannii

Oh yes, there was one other thing that happened to me yesterday and I would be totally remiss if I didn't share. A friend of mine, Ben, who I met last summer just so happens to be BFF with Miss Dannii Minogue who was in town this week to take care of some biz and to support her older sister Kylie who was also in town doing promo work for her new album. Ben had been trying to arrange a meeting for Dannii and me for some time now and yesterday was finally the day :) I met up with Dannii and Ben along with their friends Shelly and Lindsey for a quick bit of sushi yesterday afternoon in Studio City. I have been a huge fan of Dannii's for some time now ... she really won my heart with her incredible album Neon Nights, so it was my extreme pleasure to get to meet her yesterday. We ate at Sushi Dan and I noticed that they had a sushi roll called the Crazy Dannii on the menu (it was misspelled as Crazy Danny so I'll have to have them change it for future reference) which Dannii thought sounded lovely and that's what she ate. We had just a nice little chat over a quick lunch ... it was very fun. Here are a couple pics of Dannii and me:

I really didn't want to interview her while she was eating but she did mention that she is doing a show back in Oz for Mac Cosmetics in the near future which sounded very, very cool. She was such a doll to ask me about my life and family ... we just got on as new friends, it was so cool. I just so happened to have my Deluxe Version of Dannii's album Neon Nights with me and she graciously signed it for me:

I couldn't be more thrilled with my little encounter. Dannii was such a sweetheart to let me invade a portion of her day ... I just love her to bits.