Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Falling Into Christopher Rice

Last month I attended a book reading and signing hosted by author Christopher Rice on the release day of his latest book Blind Fall. It was at that in-store appearance that I was able to chat with Christopher for a bit ... but because he had many folks to talk to that night, we made plans to have a sit down interview after he completed his 16-city book tour:

About 2 weeks ago, Christopher and I met up for our interview at a coffee shop here in Hollywood but because of loud noise that was going on around us due to construction in the area, Christopher decided to move the interview to his home which was nearby. I think it was very cool of Christopher to open up his home to me so that we could have our interview in relative silence (and with only his kitty Cotton to keep us company). Here is an MP3 of my short interview with Christopher Rice:

It was really very incredible to see the place where Christopher does most of his writing and to get to talk to the man in his home environment. It's not every day that I get invited into the home of people I respect and admire so our interview afternoon was a huge treat for me:

Blind Fall really read to me like a bit of a departure from his earlier work. But, in retrospect, it is easy to see the commonality in his work when taken in as a whole. I really enjoyed reading Blind Fall and would happily recommend it to fans of his work and to fans of mystery novels in general. I was very surprised by how the book turned out ... the ending was one that I didn't see coming. Christopher is a very talented writer and I very much look forward to reading his books for years to come. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I do.