Thursday, April 17, 2008

GI Jane

Last month we got to see what the character of Snake Eyes will look like in the new big screen, live-action adaptation of GI Joe and today we get our first look at what Scarlett (played by Rachel Nichols), GI Joe's #1 lady, will look like in a just released promo pic which comes to us by way of Check out what GI Joe's lady in red will be lookin' like:

Love her! I am so impressed with how the GI Joe characters are lookin' so far. First Snake Eyes and now Scarlett -- they both look most excellent. I can't *wait* to see what the Baroness (played by Sienna Miller) and her lover Destro (played by Christopher Eccleston) will look like and I *really* can't wait to see what Cobra Commander will look like (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt)! These promo pics are a great way to tease for a movie that is still at least a year away ... I wonder who we'll get to see next -- and when. [Source]