Thursday, April 17, 2008


Just when you thought it was safe to live a life free of Justin Bobby, the grungy bad-boy ex-boyfriend of Audrina Partridge from The Hills rears his mangy head again. JB is not only terrorizing the poor ladies on the hit MTV show (in previews for next week's ep we learn that he will be returning to the show) but now he's bringing his special brand of Justin Bobbyness to the modeling world. Here are a few photos of JB new ad campaign for the men's wear label Orthodox:

Justin Bobby (né Justin Brescia), the longhaired hipster from "The Hills" who took toothy Audrina Patridge on countless thong-exposing motorcycle rides, is staging a comeback as a look-book model. He is posing for Orthodox, a sporty men's wear label, which is coincidentally represented by People's Revolution, the public relations firm where Whitney Port (another "Hills" personality) landed her coveted styling gig. With the show's cast's growing network of fashion connections, surely someone can help Patridge find an underwear line to endorse?

Really, Justin Bobby? Are you really still trying to sell this grimy look? Even Chris Cornell got tired of looking like a homeless person and long ago ditched this exact look for a more clean-cut one. On the one hand, I'm not really that surprised that Justin Bobby is cashing in on his pittance of fame, I mean, what other opportunities could be made available to the poor guy? Surely deodorant and shampoo endorsements are out. To tell you the truth, I'm all for JB's attempt at a modeling career. I never cease to get enjoyment from watching everyone associated with The Hills scramble as hard as they can to make the most of their 15 minutes of fame ... which is why *I am soooo excited* for the Jason Whaler reality show that is currently being filmed :) [Source]