Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Hills: Girls! Girls! Girls!


Okay ... so last night's ep of The Hills was basically turned into the Speidi Show, which isn't necessarily a bad thing altho I'm sure that Team LC wasn't all too thrilled with the way things turned out. I would have to say that last night's ep was a pretty decent one ... there was drama, intrigue, shadiness and the promise of much more fun to come. And you just gotta love how Spencer's disappearing/reappearing beard was featured pretty heavily in his argument scene with the She-Spencer ...

Right off the bat I have to say how much I love Whitney's heinous new boss at People's Revolution. She is way more fun to watch on TV than Teen Vogue boss Lisa Love ever was. The scary new boss, I think her name is Mrs. Crabtree, just fills me with delight whenever she cackles at the sorry peons who work for her. The publicist for People's Revolution is sure to be fired in an upcoming episode -- meaning Mrs. Crabtree is prolly gonna rip open her chest and eat her heart out, literally ... and I can't wait!!! You gotta love that Audrina is doing whatever she can to get screen-time on the show .. which means she has no probs hanging out with Heidi again behind LC's back. Wooo boy, LC is gonna have a fit when she finds out (considering, of course, that we suspend all knowledge that the show isn't really a truthful representation of actual reality). We learned that Spencer has friends waiting in the bull pen to be called should he ever need to go out on the town (but don't be surprised if we never, ever see "Kevin" again) and that Heidi is a very jealous girl (she even threatened to "beat a b****" for gettin' too close to her man). Meh. The bottom line is that Heidi needs to accept Spencer for who he is or she needs to cut him loose once and for all. Isn't that the lesson we're supposed to learn here? Yeah, right. Anyways, props goes out to The Hills production crew for so adeptly filming the conversation that Speidi had in Spencer's car at the close of the ep ... all the lighting and camera shots really made the audience feel like we were right there with them in the moment. The production crew does deserve jeers for the shoddy editing in the Spencer/She-Spencer convo scene tho. You can deffo tell that parts of it were reshot at different times, when Spencer had less facial hair (which I don't understand how they could miss since they remembered to shoot him in the same shirt). This huge gaffe wasn't as obvious as the LC nail polish mistake last year but it's just as bad. I just hate it when my fantasy of reality is shattered by poor craftsmanship. Next week, Justin Bobby returns! Will he be back with his boots on and blazing? Gawd I hope so. I also hope we get to hear all about his new modeling gig. Please Gods, make it so. [Source]