Thursday, April 03, 2008

The TV Guide: Better Late Late Than Never

So yesterday, I met up with Tony again so that we could attend the taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson at the CBS studios lot to see Kylie Minogue live and in person. This time we were joined by Tony's boyfriend Augie and our friend Art for the taping. I almost bailed on going to the taping since I was so frustrated by the long process on Tuesday at the DWTS taping but I decided to just go thru with it anyways. Honestly, if I didn't have to go back to the CBS studios lot to pick up the car key I accidentally left there on Tuesday I prolly would've skipped the taping. But man, am I glad that I didn't. This experience was a lot more fun and it was a lot more intimate ... we were mere feet away from Kylie on that stage. It was very very cool. I was happy to know that Marg Helgenberger was the other guest on the show yesterday -- I love her on CSI: so she was a nice surprise. Here is a pic of Art, Tony, Augie and Me after the taping yesterday:

We had so much fun ... the folks at The Late Late Show were very cool to us as an audience, they really made the whole experience fun. I'd go back to another one of their tapings ... but only for someone I really want to see. The one thing I learned over the past couple of days is that I'm not really the right person to attend these sorts of things. Back in the day, I used to wait in line to see concerts or shows on a daily basis (while I worked and attended classes full time) but I have long since lost the want of that kind of excitement.

This afternoon I'm supposed to be meeting up with some friends for a very cool ... thing ... but I'm not sure if it's actually gonna happen so we'll have to wait and see. Tonight, tho, I am finally going to get to meet Darion's parents for the first time ever. We're having dinner together and I couldn't be more excited. Darion's parents and I have this long distance love affair that I don't normally like to share publicly but I fear that all the lurve is gonna come spilling out tonight. I'm very excited :) Wee ... I can't wait!!!