Monday, April 28, 2008


Whoa ... what the eff is going on with Heather Locklear's face these days? I came upon new photos of Heather on the Hawaiian set of her new movie Flirting with 40 and was completely unaware that it was actually Heather Locklear. Her face was so puffed up that she looked exactly like that crazy woman, Jocelyn Wildenstein, who has had plastic surgery done to her face so that she could look like a tiger. It wasn't until I saw a few more pics that I realized that it was really her:

Photo credit: Splash News

EEK! I guess you can blame the bad photos on poor angles or whatever (since there are other photos from the same day where Heather looks more like Heather and less like the crazy cat-lady) but the resemblance is pretty uncanny ... and extremely disturbing. Blech. [Source]