Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Minogue Sisters Take On Cancer

Kylie Minogue appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday (from the appearance she taped for the show this past Thursday) and did a performance of her new US single All I See (from her X album) and was relegated to a very short Q&A with Ellen at the tail end of the ep (Sen. Hillary Clinton was given the lion's share of the show time). But in the small amount of time allowed, Kylie opened up (for the first time ever) about being initially misdiagnosed when she suspected that something was wrong with her. As we all know, it was later determined that Kylie had contracted breast cancer. Here are a few screencaps from Kylie's chat with Ellen on yesterday's show:

A doctor mistakenly gave Kylie Minogue the all clear when she actually had breast cancer, the Australian singer told Ellen DeGeneres Monday. A nervous-looking Minogue told DeGeneres that she had never publicly discussed the misdiagnosis before, but was inspired to speak out after an earlier guest on the show, U.S. presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Clinton, emphasized how vital early breast cancer detection is. "Listen, this is an opportunity for me to say something that I have not said before," said Minogue when DeGeneres asked her about her own battle with the illness two years ago. "I was misdiagnosed initially. So my message to all of you and everyone at home is, because someone is in a white coat and using big medical instruments doesn't necessarily mean they are right." Though Minogue did not reveal the date of the error, where it took place or how long she went before she got a second opinion correctly diagnosing her illness, she said it happened before her 2005 Showgirl concert tour. "If you have any doubt, go back again," urged Minogue, who is currently in remission ... "I had no intention of [talking about the misdiagnosis] today," said Minogue to DeGeneres. "But with what you were talking about before, I didn't realize it was a subject so close to your heart as well."

From what I understand, Kylie really had no intention of talking about her misdiagnosis on The Ellen DeGeneres Show but I think it's amazing that she did. I know that so many people take their doctor's word at face value without considering for a moment that they might be wrong every once in a while. From the way that Kylie explained her situation, it sounds like she was given the all-clear before she started her Showgirl Tour only to get sick while out on tour and finding out that she did, in fact, have breast cancer. I think it makes absolute sense to get a second opinion no matter what the circumstance. It is better to be safe than sorry. Being proactive is the way to go. [Source]

And speaking of proaction, Kylie's little sister Dannii Minogue has signed on to participate in The Great Walk to Beijing 2008 which is a 21-day extreme challenge to walk all the way to the Great Wall of China in order to help Olivia Newton-John raise money to build cancer awareness and research centers around the world to help find a cure. Kylie posted a message on her official website urging fans to donate money for Dannii's participation:

Kylie's sister Dannii is taking part in 'The Great Walk To Beijing', an event organised by Olivia Newton-John to raise money to change the way cancer is treated by building a global model for patient focused cancer care and research - The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre. Olivia will lead a team of stars from sports and showbiz, along with everyday survivors of cancer, in a 21-day extreme challenge to trek along the Great Wall of China from 7th April 2008. Their million steps journey symbolizes the cancer patient's journey - with extreme physical and emotional challenges. Dannii is part of Team UK and she will join the walk for Stages 2 and 3 from 13-16th April. Click HERE for details on how you can sponsor Dannii and raise money for this worthwhile cause.

I have already made a donation for Dannii and I hope that all y'all will do the same. This sounds like such an impressive way to raise money for cancer research, I think it's worthwhile to make a donation for this great cause. Again, click HERE to make a donation and to sign up for updates as the Great Walk makes its way to China.