Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On The Road Again

Look out, y'all ... Britney Spears is back behind the wheel of her motor vehicle again. It's been quite some time since we've seen Britney driving a car (I don't think she's driven her own car since before her first meltdown in early January) but, it appears, she has gotten her act together enough to be able to drive on her own again. I'm not sure why this new development bothers me a bit but it does. Even tho she's made incredibly positive progress in the past month, seeing her behind the wheel again stirs up the image of her recklessness from just a few months ago. Additionally ... Britney picked up a new wig to wear ...

Photo credit: X17

... and even tho it's not pink, it also brings back the image of "crazy Britney". If you also consider that she looks a helluva lot like Ryan Cabrera with her new brown wig on ... well, you see how disturbing it all is. [Source]

Thus far, tho, Britney Spears has given us no reason to believe that she has reverted to her reckless ways ... in fact, even more positive changes continue to happen in her life. OK! magazine is confirming the rumors that Britney has rehired her former manager Larry Rudolph to be her manager again:

As Britney Spears continues to strive to get her personal and professional lives back in order, OK! has learned she's turned to a familiar face for help — former manager Larry Rudolph. Though the pair had parted company a year ago, sources confirm exclusively to OK! that the "Toxic" songstress has once again been taken under Larry's wing. Larry and Brit share a long and bumpy history. He was the visionary who discovered the young star Britney and shepherded her career from teen pop tart to international superstar. And when her life began to spiral dangerously out of control in the weeks and months following her Oct. 2006 divorce from Kevin Federline, it was Larry who Britney's parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, turned to for help getting her into rehab ... Brit's dad has always been open about his positive feelings toward Larry, even publicly thanking Larry for his efforts. And now Jamie, who has continued to think the world of Larry both as a manager and as a friend who has Britney's best interests at heart, has finally convinced Britney to let him take over the reins of her recently resurgent career.

This is great news. I honestly believe that Larry really cares for Britney and will do anything to help her succeed ... but not at the risk of her health and well-being. Larry is the perfect manager for our dear Britney and I'm happy to know that they are working together again. The good news just keeps on coming. Now, as long as Brit Brit continues to stay out of trubs (ie. no more hit and runs, Britters) then it should continue to be smooth sailing ... er, driving. [Source]