Tuesday, April 15, 2008

OOOOOH Snap! Christian Lays The Verbal Smack Down

Life and Style magazine caught up with Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano in Las Vegas, NV over the weekend and asked his take on the new fashion designs that are coming out left and right from the ladies on MTV's hit show The Hills. In his usual candid no-holds-barred style, Christian told the mag exactly what he thinks about these new fashion lines:

Could there be a catfight brewing between Project Runway winner Christian Siriano and The Hills girls Heidi, Whitney, and LC? At the TAO Beach Season Two Grand Opening in Las Vegas on April 12, Christian was asked what he thought of their new fashion lines. He told Life & Style, "It's really sad that if I didn't win Project Runway, I probably wouldn't have the sponsors I have now. I would have never been able to do what they have done because they all have disposable income, and yet their work still isn't that great! I mean, it's fun and flirty and young, but they're not innovators. None of them will ever be an innovative designer. Buyers and editors are looking for longevity, and hopefully they will see that in me."

Oh yeah, it's on now. I wonder if any of The Hills ladies will take the bait and say something back. I just hope this doesn't turn into a feud or anything crazy like that ... I'd hate to have to see these folks engage in a walk-off to determine who's top design dog. Someone could really get hurt in the fray and then what would we do on Monday nights? [Source]