Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Shirt Hits The Fans

David Beckham inadvertently sparked a legal squabble ... between two kids ... after he graciously gave away his soccer jersey to the kids at the end of an LA Galaxy match in Honolulu, HI earlier this year. Becks took off the jersey and then handed it to a group of outstretched hands ... and that is where the legal dispute comes in. Here are a couple pics of Becks handing off the jersey and then the subsequent tussle between the feuding fans:

TWO DAVID BECKHAM fans aged nine and ten are suing each other -- over who owns a SHIRT the star tore off and handed to the crowd after an LA Galaxy game. The nine-year-old grabbed it first -- sparking a furious tussle with his best friend who insisted it was meant for him. The boys' angry PARENTS then got involved in the fight. Last night both families were poised to go to court -- after hiring lawyers following the match in Hawaii against the ... Bulls. The nine-year-old's dad Wilfred Ho insisted: "My son got it first from Mr Beckham, directly. Our main argument for the jersey is that my son got possession." But the older lad's mum Yoshika Kerr, who had made placards for the youngsters to wave during the game, insisted the ex-England captain, 32, TOLD her son he wanted him to have the shirt. She and husband Eric said the gift was because their lad held his sign up during the entire game — while his pal could not be bothered. The couple accused the Hos of reneging on a deal to let the boys each keep the shirt for a week at a time — by trying to fob them off with a replica bearing a forged signature. Eric, whose wife had made signs declaring "Go Beckham" and "Aloha Beckham", insisted: "Mr Beckham pointed out he wanted our son to have it and it's been really hard on him. He's such a big star and it's one heck of an experience for the boys. We just want the Hos to keep their end of the bargain." LA Galaxy president Alexi Lalas branded the row "ridiculous". He scoffed: "My suggestion is that the judge get a pair of scissors, cut the thing in half and give half to each."

Damn. This is truly sad. I'm quite appalled that the parents would let something like this go so far. Kids are kids ... they're gonna fight with one another over dumb shizz like this but for the parents to get involved and force a lawsuit is really ridiculous. I think David Beckham should make both families return the shirt to him and be done with it. That would be the best lesson for the kids to learn. People shouldn't be rewarded for acting like douce bags. [Source]