Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tour De Force: NIN Announce Pre-Sales

The official Nine Inch Nails website was updated last night with new information concerning upcoming ticket pre-sales for NIN US tour dates later on this year. The first city to go on pre-sale, tomorrow, will be Lexington, KY. It sounds like ticket pre-sales will be cheaper on NIN.com than they will be at Ticketmaster, etc. and ticket distribution will be handled in the same way that pre-sales for the NIN fan club have been handled in years past ... here is the full text of the latest bit of information released on the site:

Presales for the upcoming tour are about to begin. Presales for the Lexington, KY show will open on Wednesday, with many more shows starting up early next week. We've been working very hard to get the best tickets in the hands of the fans, bypassing scalpers, ticket resellers, and ticketing agencies... This has been a difficult process to bring together outside of The Spiral, and frankly, it's a work in progress. The presale system you'll be using for this tour does everything we set out to do, but as of right now ticket purchasing requires a few more steps than we'd prefer. You can expect a more streamlined system for future tours, but for now, here's what to expect:

First, you'll need to be a nin.com member to access presales. If you haven't already, register for free at remix.nin.com (click "register" once you're at the site), or log in with your Spiral username/password (Spiral members: If you've changed your Spiral password since November 2007, you may need to use your old password to login).

Then, subscribe to the news feed, or keep an eye on nin.com for presale announcements. The first announcement, regarding the Lexington show, will go up tomorrow.

When you purchase presale tickets, you'll need to enter your legal name exactly as it appears on your identification. When you arrive at the show, there will be a designated entrance for nin.com presale ticket holders. Present your ID at the entrance and you'll receive your personalized ticket, which will have your name on it (no tickets will be sent out in advance). You'll then have to enter the venue immediately. This process is an effort to ensure that our presale tickets are purchased only by fans who are attending the show, and are useless to scalpers and ticket brokers.

More specific presale information will be posted tomorrow and in the coming days.

P.S. - purchasing presale tickets from nin.com will generally be less expensive than from public outlets.

While I'm not *entirely* jazzed about the notion that ticket pre-sales will be open to everyone (mostly because it seems to defeat the purpose of even doing pre-sales) I have to respect the band for being so democratic with their fans. Opening up ticket sales to real fans (and taking the necessary steps to ensure that real fans actually get the tickets rather than have ticket scalpers snap them up instead) shows NIN's commitment to their loyal fanbase. I am *very much* looking forward to seeing NIN on this tour (hopefully a few times) and will do my best to try and update my site when new NIN tour information gets posted online. [Source]