Sunday, April 13, 2008

The TV Guide Part II: All Vegased Out

So, I finally made it back home to LA after spending a very long 3 1/2 days in Las Vegas. I have to say, I'm not a big Vegas person. I always have fun when I go because I tend to go with great people but the whole Vegas thing just isn't my scene. I hate gambling and you pretty much bleed money no matter what every single day that you're there. That being said, this trip was among the more fun trips since we got to spend most of our time with David's fun NYC friends who flew in to celebrate Isaac's 30th birthday. After an unsuccessful evening of shopping, we all got gussied up for the main even at Mix at THE hotel at Mandalay Bay for a party on the patio of the 64th floor. I was really bad with the taking pictures (ie. I hardly took any) but the party was a blast:

I was pretty wrecked on Saturday morning after all the drinking I did Friday night (thanks to the our heavy-handed bartender Marissa) so I opted out of drinking last night. Pretty much everyone got trashed (I understand the lime vodka was a particular favorite) which made everyone all the more fun to hang out with. I got to meet Pink reader Ko who was also partying at Mix last night ... it was great getting to say hello to her.

Today, as I mentioned previously, the MGM Grand wouldn't allow late check-outs so I had no time to do my work earlier in the day. Generally when we go to Vegas we stay at Luxor and they have always been very accommodating to us. I think I'm over the MGM Grand as a hotel, tho.

I was bummed to have to part ways with David again (there always seems to be the goodbyes) but I have my trip home to Detroit later on this week to look forward to. It'll be great to see everyone back home. And so ... the weekend comes to a close ... another one for the books.