Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The TV Guide: You Take The Good With The Bad

Blah. Yesterday was a nice long and full day at the CBS studios lot for the taping of Dancing with the Stars. Because this was my first opportunity to see Kylie Minogue live and in person I couldn't pass up the chance to see her ... so Tony and I got an early start to begin our adventure ... which turned out to be a very long day. Trust me, the Kylie portion was awesome. She looked so cute in person and I think she did a great job on the show. We got to see Dannii Minogue in the crowd cheering on her sister ... it was really fun. I also got to meet a huge Dannii fan by the name of Afrodite Minogue who was more interested in running into Dannii than Kylie ;) Unfortch, a couple hours after we left the lot (right around the time that Tony got pretty sick), I realized that I left my car key at the security checkpoint! I had to have Tony drive me to my place, have my building manager let me into my apartment and then had to have Jim drive me back to the lot to pick up my car :( Ugh ... the rest of the night did not go as well as I had hoped.

I did get an email from Steph and Alek in Paris and they weren't having a great day either. Clearly the guys were meant to live life here in LA because they weren't very happy to be back home in France as you can tell by these pics:

Awww ... the poor guys. Some people would kill to be able to live in France, these two just want to be in LA. The grass is always greener, it seems.

This afternoon, Tony and I are going to another taping featuring Kylie and we are hoping for better luck this time. The Late Late Show tapes on the CBS lot so I'm gonna have to pick up my key from security ... what a whacky day. I sincerely hope all y'all's day is going better than mine did yesterday. OY!!