Sunday, May 25, 2008

B-Jay To Settle Down In The 'Burbs?

First, the newly wedded Beyonce and Jay-Z quietly applied for a marriage license in the NY suburb of Scarsdale and now there is a new report that the couple may be in the market to purchase a quaint little mansion of their own in Scarsdale ... perhaps to start a family together? I never would've dreamed that the power couple would be happy to settle down in a place like Scarsdale but I guess stranger things have happened. Here are a couple pics of the happy couple a million miles away from Scarsdale, NY doin' the damn thing in Monaco over the weekend:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Jay-z and Beyonce tied the knot on a Manhattan rooftop, but now that they're hitched, they may be headed for the 'burbs. The first couple of hip-hop may be purchasing an enormous McMansion on one of the ritziest blocks in Scarsdale, reported on Saturday. The couple first tipped media off to their wedding plans when they picked up a marriage license in the tony enclave. If the reports pan out, the couple would be moving into an expansive colonial style house of about 15,000 square feet, on approximately 2 acres of land. The palatial home has been under construction for about 6 months.

Curious. I suppose it's possible that the couple may just be adding this new home to their cache of properties but there is something about the neighborhoodiness of Scarsdale that makes me think they might be ready to settle down there to raise little Beyonces and Jay-Zs of their own. I really hope this report is true ... I would love to see the Jiggaman riding around on his property atop a John Deere riding lawnmower :) [Source]