Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Other Woman?

Kate Hudson isn't the only one creepin' around with a new love interest these days ... a few weeks ago, reports surfaced that Jodie Foster and her partner of 14-years, Cydney Bernard, ended their relationship ... and now we may know why. Here is a newly discovered pic (which seems months old considering that the women are carrying Xmas gifts) of Jodie with Cindy Mort, a screenwriter she met while working on her last movie The Brave One and who is rumored to be her new ladylove:

This is the first picture of the woman for whom actress Jodie Foster has ditched her long-term girlfriend. Oscar-winner Jodie, 45, stunned Hollywood this month when it was reported she had left Cydney Bernard, 55, her lesbian lover of 14 years, with whom she has been raising two children. Now it can be revealed that Jodie has fallen for screenwriter Cindy Mort, 41. They met on the set of her 2007 film The Brave One. At the time, Cindy was still with Melanie Mayron, 55, who starred in the Eighties TV series Thirtysomething. Cindy and Melanie share motherhood of ten-year-old twins Olivia and Miles. The two lesbian "power couples" regularly socialised together. A source said: "Jodie and Cindy became firm friends because of their similar situations. Both are openly out, had long-term girlfriends and were raising children with their partners. But things became complicated when their friendship developed into something more." Jodie has never identified the father of her sons Kit, nine, and Charles, six. While she was filming, producer Cydney stayed at their £4.5million Beverly Hills home caring for the children. The source said: "Cydney had no idea their relationship was in trouble until Jodie came home one day and told her she'd fallen in love with Cindy and was moving out. Cydney is devastated. Cindy wants to stay friends with Melanie because of the twins but Melanie has taken it very hard. It's not easy to be dumped for the most famous lesbian in Hollywood. It is the biggest lesbian love scandal to grip this town in years."

All this Cydney/Cindy stuff is a bit confusing ... as is the notion that all the ladies plan to stay friends with one another. It might be easier to just merge both families into one big house and just share everything evenly ... well, maybe not everything. It's really difficult to determine what's what ... especially when it concerns the very private Jodie Foster. The mere fact that this photo of Jodie and Cindy is months old goes to show that not everything rumored to be so about their relationship should be taken as fact. It's speculation, pure and simple. In any instance, I just wish her well and I hope that she is happy with whomever she decides to settle down with. [Source]