Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birds Of A Feather Slum Together

Earlier this week, we saw photos of the mess that is known as Amy Winehouse cozying up to some disheveled-looking chap who isn't her husband ... and it looks like they are the perfect match for one another. It's hard to imagine a person who is even more of a mess than Amy Winehouse is but ... well, check out these photos of Amy's new friend and you be the judge:

Photo credit: Splash News

Sadie Frost's on/off boyfriend Kristian Marr was taken away by police in the early hours of this morning after breaking into Amy Winehouse's garage. The Towers of London bassist, 24, was left outside Amy's north London home after the pair shared a car home from Henley, Oxfordshire, where they had spent the weekend with friends. Arriving in a people carrier with her manager's assistant Alex Haines, the barefooted singer, dressed in denim shorts and a white polo shirt, walked into her Camden flat, leaving a sleepy Kristian outside. Instead of returning to his own home, the bedraggled rocker prised opened the door of Amy's garage and snuck under it for a nap. As he snuck under the door, his baggy trousers started to slip down, exposing his blue underpants to the onlooking paparazzi. His forty winks didn't last too long when the police arrived at 2am this morning and coaxed him out of the garage. In a bid to remain in the garage, Kristian told police he was in the Rehab singer's band and was "staying with her".

Photo credit: Splash News

If this is Amy's plan to make herself look better, I don't think it's working. The thing that really bothers me is that both of these pitiful creatures are "famous musicians" who command ample amounts of money for their "art" and are lauded by others as celebrities. To me, they are basically junkies and vagrants. I just don't understand how people like this can be held up as people to be admired and respected. They really should be forced in rehabilitation programs before it's too late. I just don't get it. [Source]