Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hills: Did Heidi Just Have An LC Moment?


In all the hubbub of last night's season finale event for The Hills, I was unable to watch the ep at the party but I couldn't go to bed without watching the ep to see how this crazy third season ended. Thruout this season (which was extended with bonus eps this Spring) there have been big changes in the lives of both Lauren LC Conrad and Heidi Montag. They may be bitter enemies but both ladies have been enduring major changes in their lives. Okay, so really they've been dealing with the same sort of drama that most 20-somethings endure but they were enduring it on TV and we got to watch. Leading up to last night's finale, things appeared to be coming to a head for both LC & Audrina and Heidi & Spencer ... were things resolved? Were things made worse? Let's talk about it:

Okay ... we should've known that Spencer was about to snap considering that he kept letting his beard grow ... to be honest, I'm surprised he didn't flip out sooner. I guess the prospect of Heidi ditching him for good to make a new life for herself in Las Vegas was the last straw. I gotta say, if you want to keep a secret you would be very wise not to tell the She-Spencer. That girl is totally incapable of keeping her lips zipped. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one that leaked the news that Ashlee and Pete are getting married this weekend. But I digress. It was great seeing Heidi hanging with her big bosses ... you could almost believe that she was going to have an active role in the construction of their new casino. I just knew crazed Spencer was gonna show up and try to muck up her plans ... but I didn't actually foresee that Heidi would do all the mucking up on her own. It never occurred to me that Heidi would ditch all of her professional dreams to have a huge career of her own just to be with a boyfriend. It never occurred to me because this the exact same sort of thing that happened at the end of season 1 of The Hills when LC ditched out on taking the summer internship for Teen Vogue in Paris, France and decided to shack up with Jason Wahler instead. HMMM ... maybe the New York Times needs to take the title of "Feminist Hero" away from Heidi and give it to someone who wouldn't throw away her career just for boy (maybe they could give the title to Lo? I'm also lobbying for Rolling Stone to give Lo her own magazine cover as well). At the end of the ep, we learned that Speidi moved back in with one another ... which does kinda make me happy because next season will be a lot more fun with those two working together as the villainous duo rather than working against each other as quarreling lovers. On the LC front, the divide between her and Audrina just keeps getting bigger and bigger ... and it looks like their living arrangement is just about dunzo. While Speidi are getting back together, LC and Audrina seem to be "breaking up". Next season should be fun. The preview for season 4 showed LC getting close with her new guy, Audrina and Lo lookin' to fight and Speidi cooking up new ways to bring havoc on the show.

Weeee! I'm excited. However will I be able to wait until August?! [Source]