Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exiled Again

Liz Phair, one of my all-time favorite musicians, has announced that she will be performing a live concert of her entire debut album Exile in Guyville in honor of the 15th anniversary of the album's release. In fact, there was such demand for this live show at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC on June 25th that it sold out (on me) in 15 minutes earlier today! Fortunately, a second show was added for June 26th ... so I'll be able to attend this momentous concert after all:

As the icing on the cake atop the recent rash of rockers performing their landmark records track-for-track, Liz Phair will wield an acoustic guitar June 25, descend on New York City's Hiro Ballroom, and strum out her time-honored 1993 album Exile in Guyville in its entirety to celebrate its 15-year anniversary. Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, May 21, but exact details have not been announced. New York fans will not be the only beneficiaries: Shows in San Francisco and Chicago will be announced in the coming weeks. As previously announced, Phair's Guyville will re-released via ATO records June 24 with additional tunes, including B-sides and previously unreleased demos, as well as a DVD on the indie rock scene in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, featuring interviews with Ira Glass of NPR's This American Life, actor John Cusack, producer Steve Albini, and members of Urge Overkill.

Exile in Guyville has to be among the most influential albums of the 90s and to be able to hear Liz Phair perform it in its entirety live and in person would be an honor. Many of her diehard "indie" fans have long-snubbed her for daring to take her music into the pop market but I have always remained a steadfast fan thruout her entire career. Her songwriting ability is amazing and cannot be diluted no matter how popular (or unpopular) her songs turn out. I am so happy that I will be able to attend this show ... now, if I could just figure out a way to see the first night's show as well I'd be over the moon! Additionally, Liz is planning a new album later on this year to be released on ATO Records. Some see this as a return to her indie roots, I see it as another opportunity to hear more music from the hugely-talented Liz Phair :) [Source]