Saturday, May 17, 2008

Exit Strategy


Welp, it looks like CSI: lost itself another crime scene investigator in their season finale this week. Gary Dourdan, who was recently arrested on suspicion of drug possession in Malibu, CA, managed to return to work mere hours after he was released on bail only to film his last scenes on the series. I just got around to watching the season finale (which aired on Thursday) this morning and wasn't all that shocked to see how the ep ended:

E! is reporting that the show is already looking for his replacement after having found the replacement for Jorja Fox, the last CSI: actor to leave the show. I must say, I liked Dourdan's character on the show (Warwick Brown) but his behavior in real life has always been so unsavory to me. Out of love for the show, I do wish him well ... he's gonna need all the luck he can muster to try and get out of those drug charges against him. [Source, Source]