Saturday, May 17, 2008

The TV Guide: Rollin' On V-Dubs

Yesterday afternoon I met up with Steph and Alek so that we could visit a few car dealerships since they are in the market for some new wheels and I have recently decided to get a new car myself. Some of you old skool readers may recall that I used to drive a VW Beetle back in Detroit but had to leave it at home because it wasn't a big enough car to haul my trailer across the country when I made the move to LA in 2006. I ended up bringing my parent's unused 2001 Honda Accord to LA with me so I figured it was finally time for me to get a new car ... so, S+A and I went to check out the new German cars. We visited VW, Audi and BMW but from the start, we were really taken with the fun cars at Volkswagen. Here are some pics from yesterday's dealership fun and a few pics that we took after dinner:

I love my Beetle so much that I was insistent that we swing by VW to check out their newest cars ... Steph immediately fell in love with a creme colored VW convertible Beetle (which was labeled, "Le Creme Puff" -- perfect for him) and I was very impressed with the new 2009 VW Tiguan. I've been thinking about getting a cross-over SUV type vehicle and I think this might be the one for me. The enormous moon roof almost sold me instantly but the rest of the car's features really impressed me as well -- and it's a VW, and I love VWs. I kinda love that Heidi Klum and Seal appear in an ad for the Tiguan as well :) I still have to kick around a few ideas but the Tiguan is top on my list right now.

After we did the car thing, we dined at Houston's before heading out to LAX to pick up S+A's friend Sebastian who flew in from France for the weekend.

It's hot today ... I hope y'all can get out and enjoy the day today.