Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who's The Bossy?

Lindsay Lohan will be releasing Bossy, the first single off her new as-yet-untitled album, on May 27 and here is our first look at the single artwork:

As was reported earlier this month, Ne-Yo revealed that he wrote the song expressly for and with Lindsay Lohan in mind:

"I wrote it for her because when she's on her game, you can see these traits in her. When she's focused, she exudes the aura of a boss with ease," Ne-Yo explains. "When [producer] Stargate and I were approached with the task, we viewed it as a challenge. 'Can we make a song for Lindsay Lohan that people were gonna take seriously?' I think we did it." In the song's chorus, Lohan unapologetically sings, "I'm just a little bossy. I like it how I like it when I like it and that's how it is." Ne-Yo says the song is about strength. "It's basically about a woman being strong enough to get what she wants when she wants it," he tells PEOPLE. "In this case, 'Bossy' is a term that describes confidence and power." "Bossy" is slated to appear on Lohan's as-yet untitled third album, due on Motown Records later this year.

I loved the track as soon as I heard it the first time (click HERE if you have yet to hear it for yourself) ... Ne-Yo writes great songs and I think that Lindsay will have a huge hit album if this is any indication of what her new disc may sound like overall. [Source]