Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Going Tow To Tow

Now, we all know that Les Beckhams have more money than they know what to do with ... so why do you suppose that Vicki B.'s white Porsche got towed away from the Beckham manse over the weekend?

Photo credit: Splash News

Could it possibly be that VB's positronic brain matrix is so full of other information (ie. shopping, child care, quantum physics) that she merely failed to keep up with the menial task of making car payments, thereby defaulting on her contractual obligations resulting in having her car repossessed? Yeah, even I have a hard time believing that. VB prolly wanted to have her car washed and she didn't want to have her tires get dirty by having them touch pavement so she had her car towed to the carwash instead. Hee hee ... I think I'll just pretend that the Beckhams had their car repoed ... that would be a much funner way to start the day :) [Source]