Monday, May 26, 2008

Let's Get Physical

The ladies of Girls Aloud have embarked on a new tour, called Tangled Up!, and have unveiled some of their sexy costumes designed specifically for this new tour at their show in Newcastle, England over the weekend ... check out these totally awesome 80's-inspired outfits:

It's easy to see how Girls Aloud will get through 150 pairs of fishnets on their Tangled Up tour. As the raunchy stars gyrated energetically in leotards and the sexy legwear on stage in band member Cheryl's home town of Newcastle last night. In the second of their two sell out nights at the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, the girls donned high-cut Liza Bruce day-glo coloured leotards and nude fishnets in a raunchy look which revealed plenty of the girl's increasingly slimline figures. During their 34-date tour the chart-topping girl group will get through 15 tubes of mascara, 145 sets of fake eyelashes, 50 cans of hairspray, 250 fake nails, 150 pairs of fishnets. And although it doesn't look like their on intimate terms with them, they'll also get through 2,000 chocolate bars, 3,500 packets of chewing gum and 6,000 cans of energy drink. The sell-out Tangled Up! tour, is their fourth tour in the six years they've been together.

I love it ... the girls look so totally rad. I am really digging all this 80's-retro stuff going on this year ... I've really missed the day-glo neon fun from my youth. Girls Aloud are a really fun little group -- it's a shame that many folks in the US don't even know who they are. See all the fun you're missing? [Source]