Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Clean Is Your House?

Amy Winehouse never ceases to amaze and entertain with her kooky yet strangely humorous behavior. While most sane and sober folks are happily content with sleeping thru the wee hours of the morning, Amy finds that time of the morning to be her most productive. In recent weeks and months, Amy has been spotted roaming the streets of London while bloodied and boozed in search of groceries (and other things) on a semi-nightly basis. Last night, Amy decided to stay in and do a bit of spring cleaning. Here are a few pics of our favorite tragedy taking out the trash after a long night of frantic housekeeping:

Photo credit: Splash News

I quite like the head-wrap she's wearing ... we wouldn't want her to get dust in her beehive or anything like that. Why this insane woman hasn't been turned into a reality show is beyond me. I realize that I complain about her all the time for being a frantic mess who really doesn't deserve much attention and yet ... I cannot stop being intrigued by her ridiculousness. I would really love to know what the thought process was that got Amy in a cleaning mood rather than in her usual self-destructive mood. I want to know what clicked in her brain that said, Let's clean the house today! She is such a mess ... but at least she's a cleaner mess today than she was the day before. [Source]