Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Jackson 3

Michael Jackson wasn't the only member of the strange family to emerge last week for designer Christian Audigier's 50th Birthday celebration ... his children Prince Michael, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael Jackson, II (better known as Blanket) also emerged from hiding to show their faces in public. Here is a pic of the latest generation of the Jacksons making a rare appearance at a Las Vegas bookstore last week while their odd father Michael Jackson shopping nearby in the music section of the store hidden behind scarves covering his face:

They appear to be absolutely normal, and utterly unremarkable. There is nothing about the girl, with her flowing brown hair and fine, pretty features, or her two handsome brothers which would merit a second glance. But, on closer inspection, there is perhaps just something in the way which the older of the two boys is looking, in eager glee at his surroundings which lets you know that he is enjoying a moment of rare freedom. For these are the rarely seen children of Michael Jackson ... Last week ... Prince, Paris and Prince Michael were pictured visiting a Las Vegas bookstore. They browsed through children's books, while their father stayed in the music section. He was, as usual, covered up with a scarf and hood. The resemblance between Prince and Paris, the older two, is striking - both have the same colouring and delicate bone structure. Six-year-old Prince Michael - known as "Blanket" - is much darker than his two older siblings. It was Blanket, or course, who was dangled off a hotel balcony as a newborn by his father, who later said: "He enjoyed it. He started to respond by going 'eeee'." So what of these three motherless children? What is the truth about their extraordinary lives? And what kind of a father is Michael Jackson - if he is indeed their father at all? Those close to Jackson say he started a family in an effort to banish the demons of his own childhood ... Others ... insist that the children are very happy. Bryan Monroe, of Ebony magazine, met Jackson and his youngest child last year, and said: "Blanket was not masked - he just walked into the hotel room and shook hands. He sat down and watched cartoons. I was struck by the father-son relationship that appeared to be very authentic." Is Jackson, though, their biological father? He has always insisted that he is, even though Rowe has remarked: "Michael knows the truth. He has to come clean." Their fair skins would seem to back her up, but Professor Steve Jones, an expert in genetics from UCL, says it is possible that they are indeed his biological offspring. He said: "If Michael Jackson had, say 500 children with Debbie Rowe, you would expect some of them to be very white and some to be very dark. On average, they should be somewhere in between, and that is what you have here." Whatever the truth, the three of them are his life.

It is hard to determine if Jacko really is the father of these children ... they don't really look like him ... at all. Had they been born with penciled in eyebrows and plastic noses I think it would be much easier to believe his paternity. Well, no matter where these kiddies came from, they are in his care now and one can only hope that they can manage to live happy lives ... at least they're allowed to go out in public without having to wear masks, that's progress. [Source]