Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The TV Guide: Grounded

Well ... I made my way back home to LA safe and sound after an afternoon/evening of flying and am, once again, home, sweet, home -- er, or should I say mess, sweet, mess. The magical fairies that I hoped would come and clean my apartment while I was away must've been on vacay cuz I'm steeped in laundry and piles of junk everywhere I look. Calgon, take me away! Hee hee, it's all good tho ... my traveling days are on hiatus for at least a month so I have plenty of time to get this place in ship-shape ... I guess we'll see how long it takes me to get all of my housekeeping done.

This afternoon I have an appointment in town and tonight a bunch of us are getting together for a birthday dinner with Darion. I think he turns 39 today or something. It will be great to meet up with Le GangTM again -- it's actually been a while since we've all been able to get together like this.

The temp. is coolish here but sunny ... and, as always, it's great to be home :)