Monday, May 26, 2008

Just What Does Joe Simpson Have on Tony Romo?

US Weekly is reporting that the fauxmance between Jessica Simpson and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is back on ... or at least, is carrying on for a bit longer since reports surfaced that Romo ended the relationship with Jess a few weeks ago. According to the magazine, Jessimo reunited in Dallas, TX for the Memorial Day weekend and were spotted dining together, openly showing physical affection for one another ... HMMMM:

It appears Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have smoothed out their rough patch. After a brief split, the pair reunited in Dallas for Memorial Day weekend. Simpson and Romo shared a corner booth at N9Ne steakhouse on Saturday night according to Alan Peppard of the Dallas Morning News - the columnist who was first to report on the couple's split. According to Peppard the pair noshed on steak (for him) and a burger (for her) - and stopped to say hello to another diner with a baby girl on their way out. On Sunday, Simpson and Romo took in brunch at Sneaky Pete's in Lewisville, Texas.

I dunno ... I have a hard time believing that this continued romance is the real deal but in the end, I guess it doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks. Whether they are a real couple is beside the point ... if they have restarted their romance then good for them, if they are merely putting on a show to save face then I feel sorry for them. My gut tells me that Papa Joe Simpson is pulling the strings here and, if true, I just really feel sorry for the entire Simpson family (and their love interests) for having to endure his machinations. Good luck, y'all. [Source]