Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Late Show With Heidi Montag

Speidi's attempt for world domination took another step forward last night as Heidi Montag made her very first appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Looking very much like Malibu Barbie, Heidi (with Spencer Pratt in tow) posed for the cameras on her way into the Letterman taping. On the show, she was very poised and seemed intent on making sure that the viewing audience 1.) realized that there are two sides to every story and 2.) got to hear her side of the story. Here are a few pics and a couple of screencaps from Heidi's appearance on the show:

Photo credit: Splash News

I gotta say, Heidi was very personable and she really held her own. Thruout her interview, a vast array of topics were discussed -- my fave part was when Heidi described what The Hills would be like if she were the protagonist and she were the one doing the narration:

"... If it were my show then [Lauren] would be the villain. And it would be like, 'Last week on The Hills, Lauren tried to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend and blame her sex tape on me,' you know? So it'd be a little different."

LOLOLOL! The first part of Heidi's interview (which can be seen HERE) also goes into that whole LC/Jason Wahler sex tape territory again and doubts that there could ever be a reconciliation with LC. In the second part of her interview (which you can watch HERE), Heidi talks about the momentous Rolling Stone covershoot (and its uncomfortability), the White House Correspondents' Dinner and her lovermuffin Spencer (who she referred to as a "hustler") ... and who ended up popping onto the screen at the end of Heidi's interview to make an awkward cameo from the green room -- he was flanked by a couple of weird-looking guys which only made his quick appearance seem ... odd:

Whatevs! Why they gotta keep homie back in the green room? He should've been brought out to the seat next to Heidi for a hot minute. Damn. Anyways, I gotta say, I think Heidi did a great job on the show ... she seems poised to take on her own show ... I'm telling you. Well done, Heidi ... this is one small step for you personally and one giant leap for a total Speidi take-over. [Source]