Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Christian Siriano Speaks

Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano participated in a little Q&A with My Space Celebrity about his upcoming guest appearance on Ugly Betty (which airs this Thursday night). Here are a few of his interview responses:

Did you design anything new specifically for this episode or are they existing designs from your upcoming collection?

I did design some of the looks just for the scene for the show! The long gown was something that I would have put in my collection, the other black dress for just for the show and Becki Newton's outfit was just for her and the blouse will be up for auction!

Can we expect anymore scripted TV show appearances like this from you?

I'm not too sure if I will be doing to many more shows but if it comes along I'm up-for it, I'm just not searching for it. I'm really focusing on my collection!

What's up next for you?

Next for me is some great things, Costumes for a new movie with UMA Thurman, collection for Bluefly, collection for September fashion week, dressing celebs like Estelle for her tour, Heidi, maybe even Paris who knows!!!!!. I'm busy doing tons of mini fashion events, some mini shows of my own, working with PUMA, working on a project with GAIA online and the list goes on and on! I wish I could sleep!

Who is fiercer: Vanessa Williams or Heidi Klum?

I think that between Vanessa and Heidi they both take the cake with fierce-ness!!! But Vanessa is a diva and I love it!!!!

Hot! Christian is deffo gonna blow up in the fashion world, I have no doubt, but I'm so glad that he's up for doing guest appearances like this. He is going to have such a stunning career ... who knows, there may be more acting in his future. From the sound of his responses, I think the sky is the limit. [Source]