Friday, May 16, 2008

Lost: Homeward Bound


ACK ... so last night was the first part of the 3-hour season finale of Lost (the 2-hour second part airs in two weeks) and we got handed a whole lotta new and sometimes confusing information, which I'm sure is meant to make sense (at some point) but is really meant to keep us guessing about how things will work themselves out. While there wasn't a lot of action per se, there was a lot of new info that kept building and building ... priming us for the 2-hour finale ep in 2 weeks. It kinda felt like Lost foreplay, no?

Right off the bat, I loved the opening ... the way they are handling the rescue (in a flashforward) fits in seamlessly with the rest of the story. We still don't know all the facts about how things came to be once on the Oceanic 6 were rescued but we got a few bits and pieces that started to put things together. I've finally decided that I unequivocally hate Jack Shepherd. He's a pushy ass that infuriates me every time he opens his stupid mouth. But, this isn't news. Did y'all notice a strange-looking, shadowy guy sitting in the airplane with the Oceanic 6 at the start of the ep? Karen Decker, the woman who did all the talking to the press (actress Michelle Forbes who played Ensign Ro on Star Trek: The Next Gen and most recently the wife Kate on In Treatment) nodded to this person when she went back to talk to the survivors and then the person was seen in the background of the next scene -- who is it? Could it be Ben? Jacob? Dead Daddy Shephard? I hope we find out cuz it's driving me crazy. The Orchid station is going to be the site of the final showdown next week ... it's a green house that can be salvation for the island (ie. will allow the island to "move") but is also considered ground zero for killing everyone on the island (ie. Daniel Farady got freaked out when he heard that the "secondary protocol" was put into motion). I think we're gonna be really shocked when we see what The Orchid really is, hopefully in the next ep. The press story about how the Oceanic 6 survived and then were rescued sounded really convoluted ... but whose convolution is it? Is it the survivor's story? Is it Oceanic Airlines' story? That has to be explained before this season ends. I'm sure the village name of Manukangga means something or is an anagram or something like that. Did anyone else notice that the first batch of 6 people who got off the island by that raft was mostly no-name survivors -- and Sun, Jin and Aaron? I dunno what it may mean just yet, but it was deffo noticeable. The Hurley flashforwards were funny ... the Jesus statue thing and the car odometer were brills. No wonder folks thought he was crazy, he sure looked and acted crazy. The first "shocker" at the end of the ep was that Jack learned that Claire was (is?) his sister ... and knows that Aaron is his nephew. The second "shocker" was Ben's surrender so let Locke break into The Orchid. Both were very interesting plot developments but there wasn't much fireworks. Clearly, everything is being saved for the 2-hour finale. There better be a whole lotta answers ... but it really looks like there will be a satisfying end to this season. [Source]