Monday, May 05, 2008

Madonna Does 106 & Park

Legendary popstress Madonna made her very first visit to BET's TRL-like show 106 & Park last week and here are a few photos from her appearance on the show with hosts Terrence and Rocsi and a portion from the BET blog recounting the ep:

She's like a fine bottle of wine; she gets better as time progresses. Not only is she one of the BADDEST entertainers in the business, but she's also one of the BEST! International superstar, Madonna stopped by BET's 106 & Park to promote her new album, Hard Candy and BOY was it a sight to see. While Madonna chopped it up with Terrance and Rocsi, we all (mainly me) stood there in AMAZEMENT as this cougar (a term for extremely attractive older women) displayed an effortless cool like NO OTHER. Yea I sound like a groupie right now, but I dare you to catch an in person glimpse of this blonde bombshell and act too cool for school ... I DARE YOU! There really isn't more to say, except I am now OFFICIALLY in love!

While I agree that Madonna is an "extremely attractive older woman" I think the term "cougar" really refers to an older woman who has a penchant for bedding much younger men ... which isn't really the way I'd describe her anymore. In any regard, it's great seeing Madonna hit up BET finally ... I suspect this won't be her last visit to the network. [Source, Source]