Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shock & Awe: Kylie Minogue Kicks Off KylieX2008

Kylie Minogue triumphantly kicked off her new KylieX2008 Tour last night at Bercy Arena in Paris, France. Because this will be the first Kylie Minogue tour that I will ever see live and in person (unfortch, at the end of the tour in July), I kinda told myself that I would stay away from tour spoilers so that I could witness the show unfolding for the first time before my eyes ... and as the opening night date slowly crept closer and closer, my resolve to stay away from spoilers dwindled ... especially when I read this announcement about the tour on

Kylie Minogue returns to her true home - the live stage - when she opens her greatest ever tour KylieX2008 in Paris on May 6th. The tour will take Kylie through most of Europe and will see her play for the first time in Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Luxembourg, Russia, Latvia and Spain. It will also be her first appearance in Northern Ireland since her first world tour in 1990. The tour ends in London on August 4, the last of a staggering seven nights at the capital's 02 Arena. Ticket sales for the tour currently stand at over half a million and the show itself has cost a breathtaking 10 million pounds to stage, which makes it the biggest and most expensive show that Kylie has produced to date, easily eclipsing groundbreaking tours like 2002's Fever in ambition and scale. Kylie's wardrobe for this tour has been exclusively designed by master couturier Jean Paul Gaultier and the show will feature at least 7 costumes just for Kylie, with more visual elements being added daily! KylieX2008 also sees Kylie perform with a brand new live band including, for the first time, a brass section and a total of 14 dancers, including 4 acrobats. For the songs, Kylie has drawn on a breadth of material spread over her career but also promises some unheard songs and at least one surprising cover. Songs including those from 'X', Kylie's current studio album, will be performed on a set dominated by huge video screens which will integrate with graphic staging and theatrical lighting to create a new concert experience for the audience. Always celebrated for her incredible breadth of vision on the live stage, this show sees Kylie move further ahead of her contemporaries.

When the the first photos from last night's premiere performance were released, well, I had to look. I decided only to check out the opening sequence photos and to only read a couple of not-too-spoilery reviews (checking out the photos that accompanied them). SO ... if you would like to remain completely unspoiled about anything KylieX2008-related then you should prolly skip this post ... if not, here are a few photos from the opening number from the show -- I think you'll find that Kylie made an electrifying entrance:

AUSSIE pop royalty KYLIE kicked off her X2008 tour with her most opulent concert ever. The 28-song show at the Bercy Arena contained an extraordinary eight costume changes and was a riot of high-camp excess ... The brave star, who has firmly set her cancer battle behind her, proved she is the undisputed queen of the pop landscape with this intoxicating set. An impressive band, including a brass section for the first time ever, excelled, but it was the theatricality that impressed most. For the opening salvo of Speakerphone and Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Kylie sported a flowing purple gown while her acrobatic dancers were clad in leather bondage gear and crash helmets. Elsewhere during the set the action was transported to an American high school with Kylie dressed as a sexy cheerleader complete with pompoms. The dazzling centrepiece of the show came when Kylie appeared 30 foot above the stage draped over a giant silver skull. While her ex-boyfriend OLIVIER MARTINEZ and Time Lord DAVID TENNANT watched on further scene changes occurred with the action suddenly switching to a grand Viennese ballroom. A Kylie show is no mere concert, it's an epic theatrical extravaganza.

OMG ... I love it ... the entrance looks stunning. Click HERE to watch fan shot video of Kylie's entrance to open the show. [Source, Source]

Here are *just a few* photos of Kylie's other costume changes from the show ...

... and that is all I am willing to take a peek at. I know it seems like a lot from the show but these static images will not be able to replace the majesty of the live show in person. Kylie manages to pull off some of the most exciting, most awe-inspiring live shows consistently year after year. I'm always very surprised at the creativity that unfolds on the concert stage. I dunno how I'm going to be able to wait until late July to see KylieX2008 in London for myself but I am even more excited than before. Woot!! [Source]