Thursday, May 08, 2008

The TV Guide: Let's Try This "Goodbye" Thing One More Time

Well, I'm still in NYC. Due to the Rev. Al Sharpton's last-minute call for a citywide protest that would essentially "shut down New York", all the bridges and tunnels off Manhattan Island were blocked off and I was unable to get off the island in time to make my plane. While I was majorly annoyed at spending HOURS in traffic yesterday only to have to turn right back around and return home to David's place, I fully support the Rev's protest over the acquittal of three police officers involved in the 50-bullet shooting of an unarmed black man. Sharpton was arrested and I was stranded in NYC for one more night ... in the end, I have no cause for complaint.

I was so worn out from dealing with all the hoopla yesterday that I was in no mood to do anything ... poor David wasn't feeling well at all and we ended up just staying in.

BUT TODAY, I hope, I'm headed back to LA. I'm still planning on making the midnight screening of Speed Racer at the IMAX with Darion tonight ... it's gonna be a long afternoon/evening/night.

Wish me luck, I should deffo be back in LA by nightfall ... I hope.