Thursday, May 01, 2008

The TV Guide: May Day! May Day!

Happy May Day, y'all! I can't even believe it's May already ... 2008 is almost half over, which is so strange because it seems like just yesterday when Britney Spears went and lost her mind in early January and here we are, at May already. How time flies.

Last night's Madonna concert was just so much fun, I'm still on a bit of a high. David and I had a blast, it felt really good to be able to share the experience with him. I got to meet a few Pink readers last night in addition to hanging out with some good friends. Our concert buddy Dave Mace was doing his best Guy Ritchie impersonation, lookin' quite dapper in his little cap:

I also got to meet Tony and Bryan (pictured above) as well as Grace and Julia. We all had a blast at the show.

Darion is on his way to NYC as I type this ... he arrives in a few hours and then our fun weekend can commence. Darion, David and I are going to a midnight screening of Iron Man ce soir, so I'm pretty geeked to finally get to see the movie. NYC has been a lot of fun thus far ... and there is still a lot more fun to be had. Woot!!!