Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Warm Welcome

Vicki B. returned home to LA from her recent business trip to London, England late last week and I've just stumbled upon a couple of new photos from her arrival at LAX Airport. David Beckham, with his kiddies strapped into the backseat, picked up VB from the airport in his new toy -- his new black Jeep. Vicks was so happy to see her husband that she planted a big kiss on his mug as soon as she got into the car ... er, and then it looks like she gave him a little bit more as well:

Photo credit: X17

You know, I'm *sure* that this second photo isn't what it looks like ... I'm sure VB just dropped her lipstick onto the floor and went down to pick it up .... yeah, that sounds about right :)

Here are a couple other new pics of Becks tooling around town in his new toy:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Awww ... isn't it cute when Becks fancies himself a big dawg by driving around in his black Jeep while wearing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses? I expect that Becks will be spending the summer in his new wheels ... apparently, this is how he rolls.