Monday, June 02, 2008

Angelina Jolie Does Vanity Fair & The Daily Mail

Late last week we saw Angelina Jolie's coverphoto for the July issue of Vanity Fair magazine and today we get to see a few more pics from inside the mag (which were shot many months ago, clearly before she was showing how superpregs she is now):

The coverstory provides a nice look into Brangelina's private life revealing that Angelina Jolie isn't all that different from any other pregnant woman carrying twins ... except for the fact that she's one of the most famous women (pregnant or not) in the world:

It's an established fact. Some women can't stand being pregnant, getting big and bloated, and hauling around a giant stomach, and some women, for reasons probably understood by Darwin, love it. That Angelina Jolie is one of the latter can be seen in any of the thousands of pictures of the actress—who was, after all, impregnated by Brad Pitt, which is like being impregnated by a future man or a star child—that began to proliferate in the celebrity weeklies and supermarket tabloids in the spring of 2008, by which time Jolie, who is carrying twins, had bellied out like a sail. "I love it," she told me, smiled, laughed, then said, "It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel that all the things about my body"—she raised her hands as she said this, her fingers as long as those of a point guard, and made the squeezing motion commonly used to suggest fruit that is particularly ripe—"are suddenly there for a reason. It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing. Also," she continued, dropping her voice, leaning in, "I'm fortunate. I think some women have a different experience depending on their partner. I think that affects it. I happen to be with somebody who finds pregnancy very sexy. So that makes me feel very sexy." ... It's as if the Jolie-Pitts are pioneering a new genre of family, with children from every global hot spot and parents who are beautiful and famously not married. "People have made a lot out of it that we're not," she said, "but we both have been married before, and it's very easy to get married, but it’s not easy to build a family and be parents together. And maybe we've done it backwards, but we certainly feel married." ... "How pregnant are you?," I asked. "I don't want to say," she said, smiling sadly. "A few months. I only know, if I do say, people will start stressing on our due date."

And the VF piece (which you can read in full HERE) goes on from there. We now know that she claims to be due in August but considering the false alarm that happened last week (where Entertainment Tonight erroneously jumped the gun and reported that she had already given birth in France) I think that she may give birth at any time and will do everything in her power to keep the secret. The coverstory is interesting but doesn't really shed all that more light on good ol' Angie. She tends to give the same info in all her interviews ... even still, I find her insanely fascinating. I think back to that girl we saw in the 90's movie Hackers and can hardly believe that she grew up to be Saint Angelina, Savior and Mother of the world. [Source]

The Daily Mail published a few super sexy pics of Angelina in their newspaper supplement Live over the weekend ... check 'em out:

But in this interview, Angelina gives a little more ... flavor ... than she usually does in magazines like Vanity Fair:

"If anybody comes into my home and tries to hurt my kids, I've no problem shooting them," she says with a dry candor. "I bought original, real guns of the type we used in Tomb Raider for security. Brad and I are not against having a gun in the house, and we do have one. And yes, I'd be able to use it if I had to. I could handle myself. I think there are certain combat skills that would come out. I tend to want to throw an elbow. I don't know why. I've learned all the punches, head butts and kicks – yet getting someone with my elbow is my first instinct. I think it's good for anybody to learn a skill when it comes to fight training – be it kung fu, boxing or kick-boxing – because self-defense is important. Brad and I want our kids to learn it. They're going to get into a fight some day, so they might as well learn how to take care of themselves. I was kind of a punk when I was a kid, but I didn't get picked on. I was left alone because I was a bit of a loner. I would get into fights on behalf of other people. I wasn't a pushover. So I wasn't the one who was targeted. There's a side to me that people know is humanitarian, and there's a side to me that's a mummy. But there's also the side that likes to get down and dirty and run and jump around and fire guns. I don't want to lose touch with that. That's one of the reasons I like to do action movies. It's good for me every once in a while."

So, Saint Angelina is packin' heat. I believe that she would go apeshizz on anyone stupid enough to threaten her family. This is the sort of stuff I wish she'd talk more about in interviews ... not that I advocate gun use or whatever, I just like hearing about these sorts of facets of people's lives. Incidentally, these Daily Mail pix seem to be of the same batch that Esquire magazine published last year ... they're hot but pretty old ... not that that takes away from their enjoyment. [Source]