Friday, June 06, 2008

The Birth Of R-Andy M-Adams?

Okay .. so I realize that just seeing two people walking down the street together, sometimes holding hands, isn't bona fide proof that they are dating but I've been hearing the rumors for far too long that the generally perceived Mandy Moore and the, shall we say, colorful Ryan Adams have started dating ... seeing photos of the pair walking the streets of NYC together, sometimes holding hands, appears to lend credence to those rumors:

Photo credit: Splash News

To be honest, I don't really see these two together as a couple ... but here they are, seeming "a couple". Ryan has dated some hot (and mostly innocent-like) ladies in the past (like Winona Ryder, Beth Orton, Leona Naess, Parker Posey) and Mandy has enjoyed the company of a bad boy or two (Wilmer Valderamma, DJ AM) so maybe this is a match made in heaven. I'd be interested to know if the duo have worked on any music together since they are both musicians (er, well, Ryan is musician enough for the both of them combined). I hear that Ryan is a heartbreaker ... I hope that he's nice to Mandy ... she seems like a sweet girl. Then again, it's the perceived "sweet girls" that you really have to look out for. [Source]