Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Know Your Role

After spending the night partying away with her BFF Marc Jacobs and other such fashion dignitaries at the 2008 CFDA Awards at the New York Public Library last night, Vicki B. put away her ruffled hearts dress and put on something more ... provincial ... to wear as she stepped out into NYC today to take care of some biz around town. Here are pics of VB making her way out of her hotel earlier today:

Photo credit: INFdaily

I hate to say it but I really like VB's look when she wears these June Cleaver dresses out in public. It gives her that Stepford look that I'm sure she prefers considering that she's a robot and all. The slicked back hair, harsh make-up and over-the-top dresses don't really work as well as this simpler look does. When she's all gaudy, it looks like she's trying too hard to look cool. Dressed like this she looks like the sweet and simple animatronic humanoid robot that she was meant to be. Stick with your strengths, VB ... it's not like you have all that many to take advantage of. [Source]