Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Prince Wills Takes A Dive

Prince William is really gettin his feet wet with his new Navy training ... literally. Prince Wills and his naval cohorts took part in wet winching drills in Portland Harbour this week ... here are a couple pics of Wills after he was deposited into the water and then hoisted back up:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

As part of his training, Wills was ejected into the sea and he had to release smoke flares to gain the attention of his "rescuers" ... then he was hoisted back up to "safety" by a Lynx helicopter. Sounds like fun to me. Even tho his military training looks a bit like an episode of Fear Factor, I'm sure that Wills is taking it all seriously. Besides, I'm sure that all of this hardcore military training goes a long way in inspiring his girlfriend Kate Middleton to show him a little more lurvin'. But honey pie, I had to jump out of a helicopter into the Portland Harbour todaaaaaay = nookie. [Source]