Monday, June 09, 2008

The TV Guide: Sex! Sex! Sex!

Yesterday was pretty chill ... I ended up staying home for most of the day to work on redesign stuff. OY! There is still so much more to and I keep looking at that countdown clock and it's stressin' me OUT bigtime :) I'm glad I have David here because he is a wiz and will, hopefully, be able to help sort out the last minute stuff we've got left to take care of. That being said, there is still a chance my head might explode so ... fun times ahead ;)

We did venture out last night to meet up with Steph, Alek, Jordan and his friend to see Sex and the City (the third time for me, second time for S&A and first time for David, Jordan and his friend) ... after the movie, Jo Jo and his friend had to jet off while the rest of us grabbed some grub:

Then it was back home to work again. This afternoon, more work awaits ... I have a bazillion other things to do as well in the next couple of days. Sarah arrives tomorrow night and then the big party Wednesday night ahead of the relaunch ... Gods, give me strength.