Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Regretful" & "Embarrassed" Does Not Equal "Sorry"

A rep for Shia LaBeouf has issued a statement exclusively to E! News's Marc Malkin regarding that idiotic You Tube video that was going around last night and today which featured Shia calling his friend a "faggot" and getting slapped in the face. Because this isn't the kind of behavior that folks like to see in their young, up-and-coming box office stars, the rep issued the statement to explain how "regretful" and "embarrassed" Shia is that this video was made public ... tho, no mention of an apology made its way into the release:

Photo credit: INFdaily

A rep for the Indiana Jones star says he's "embarrassed" by a YouTube video that made its way around the Internet yesterday and earlier today. The clip, which has been pulled by YouTube, shows LaBeouf participating in a sophomoric slapping contest with a friend during what appears to be a boozy house party. LaBeouf successfully provoked his pal to whack him by calling him a "faggot." "The video tape that is currently being circulated is several years old and captures Shia playing a game amongst friends in which he uses a derogatory word towards a friend," LaBeouf's rep tells me exclusively. "He regrets having used the word in any capacity and is very embarrassed that this footage is being seen by anyone."

As I mentioned before, I was pretty grossed out by what I saw in that video. I still think an apology is in order. [Source]